Crazy Hair , always.

A foreign peroxide concoction from the pound shop, a tinting brush clearly missing bristles and a hole in my gloves were the warning signs my 15 year old self should have listened too. My first hairdye experience went horribly wrong, lustrous cherry red tresses shimmering in my minds eye was the catalyst for a series of unfortunate bleaching incidents. First time, i never reached the red i longed for, instead i ended up with a multi colour miss matched bright copper mop of bleach broken hair.     
    Shadily trawling the shelves of superdrug for box dyes, hoping to not bring attention to my chemical calamity, i came up short with a solution and pegged it to Afflecks palace as a last resort. I found salvation in a tub of Fire Red Crazy Colour and thus my obsession with crazy hair colours was ignited.

Top left - Fire red Crazy colour , Top right - Capri Blue Crazy Colour , Bottom left - Mandarin - directions / orange crazy colour , bottom right - Pine Green crazy colour / alpine green directions.

    I have been every colour you can think of at one point or another, through purpose or accident, mostly accident. My favourite dyes are Semi Permanent conditioning dyes like Crazy Colour or Directions, I love the vibrancy of the shades, the conditioning formula they have, their lack of chemicals and the ability they offer for mixing custom colours.
   These two brands are vegetable based, no peroxide, no ammonia and they're cruelty free, suitable for vegans, so everyone wins. As they don't contain any chemicals they are able to be mixed together to create shades more to your taste, i personally love mixing pinks with purples to get lavender shades. Reds and oranges for a two dimensional tangerine look, greens and blues for sea weed esque tresses.

   Directions & crazy colours conditioning formula and lack of chemicals means you can also mix a pot with clear conditoner to make your dye go a little further or make a pastel shade. Many people use this technique to achieve lilac hair, pastel pink hair, baby blue bouncing barrel curls, again you name it you can create it. 
       I have loved Crazy Colour for years, it was always my go to hairdye, bright, virbrant and their colours are long lasting. They're incredibly pigmented which is a fabulous thing but be aware that the crazy thing about them is the staining. Crazy colour runs crazily when it rains, it stains your clothes, your skin, your bath tub, your pillow when you sleep. If you go to the gym and you have a fringe, your forehead will be stained whatever colour you have going on. Eventually it got too much for my mother and her newly decorated bathroom and i made the switch to Directions.
     Directions hairdye is now my go to hairdye, it doesn't last as long as Crazy colour in my opinion which kind of sucks but the staining is no where near as bad. It doesn't run when it rains, it doesn't sweat stain my head at the gym and my mums bathroom and towels are relatively stain free. I still hold a candle for crazy colour but i think Directions are my personal favourite out of the two.
Top left - Cerise directions / violette crazy colour , Top Right - crazy colour orange / directions Mandarin / poppy red. Bottom Left - Poppy red Directions / carnation pink directions , Bottom right - Lagoon blue / turquoise/ alpine green Directions.
  Summer time is here, pastel shades are still on the rise and i'm once again creeping round the colour wheel with a tint brush. Crazy Colour actually have a new range called ' candy shop ' which is full of all the fabulous pastel colours you can think of, lilac , marshmallow, bubble-gum blue and candyfloss pink.  Bright hair and pastel hair are perfect in summer, festivals, summer barbeques, summer holidays, what a better way to add a bit of fun to your everyday look then a bit of semi permanent colour?  Change it up a bit!
Have you tried directions or crazy colour? Which brand do you prefer?  Leave comments below and tell me your favourites!

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