Long Hair, Don't care. ( Foxy locks hair extensions review! )

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          I'm new to the world of hair extensions but not so much hair dye, which is why i should have realized that you are unable to further bleach human hair extensions that have previously been bleached. I had a set of Dirty Looks human hair extensions, they were thick and lustrous, i had previously dyed them red with crazy colour and planned to strip them to make base for a beautiful green. I bought a bucket load of bleach ( no kidding, it really is a bucket! ) and some leafy green dye thinking i could easily bleach out the red colour and get the brilliant 90's blonde back that they once were. However, it didn't work out so well for me. The hair literally washed off the weft, i was only meant to be washing off the bleach! The hair was matted with a candyfloss, gum like texture and after my intense attempts to save them, i had to part ways.  It's my birthday in 2 weeks and i was counting on those extensions to fancy up my night time look, so i had to fork out some money on some new ones and figured i'd give Foxy Locks a go. After many reviews on YouTube, some good, mostly bad, i figured i would see for myself if they really were that bad.

     I went on over to Foxy Locks website and perused what they had to offer, It was really disappointing to find that there isn't an option to choose the length of your extensions. Three of the four sets that are available are 20 inch length and the fourth set is a 24 inch length. My natural hair is really short with layers and i originally wanted 12-14 inch extensions so they blended a lot better, i had to go with the 20 inches and hope i could find somebody somewhere to cut and style them for me. Disappointment to say the least, as most of the hair's length that i'm paying for will actually meet it's demise when it meets my hairdresser!

 The extensions they offer are:
  • 125g Regular Set, 20inch from £59
  • 165g Deluxe Set, 20inch from £78
  • 230g Superior Set, 20inch from £132
  • 280g Luxurious set, 24inch from £175 
I decided i would purchase the deluxe set as my natural hair is quite fine and short, i really need the double weft and thickness in length for them to look natural.
        There are 12 hair colours available to pick from, blondes, browns, reds,blacks and even some highlighted shades. They have that area pretty much covered, I  decided i would purchase my extensions in the shade bleach blonde as i am going to dye them orange to match my current hair colour.

     They took around 4 days to get here, they were packaged in a simple pink mail bag and inside was my receipt and extensions. The extensions came in a thick plastic packet with two compartments, one side is a sample section of your extensions so you can try them out, make sure they're your desired colour and length before you break the foil and open the second compartment.

        The extensions themselves came wrapped in a hairnet to keep them neat and tidy. You get some spare clips too which is good as i heard a lot of review say they come loose and fall off? Don't want to ge losing any of them! They do not come with any leaflets on how to care for them, how to wash them or if they are able to be dyed and they also didn't come with any instructions on where to place them on the head. My other extensions came in an awesome lilac storange box, they had instructions on caring for them and installing them on the head. They also had numbers on the weft so they were easy to remember where they went and which you put in first. The Foxy Locks didn't have any of this which was also a dissapointment for me as i'm new to extensions really and would have liked the instructions etc.

You receive 10 extension pieces of 20 inch hair, which is a full head set of extensions. The pieces that you get are:
  • One x 8' wide weft with 4 clips
  • One x 7' wide weft with 4 clips
  • Two x 6' wide weft with 3 clips
  • Two x 4' wide with 2 clips
  • Four x 1' wide with 1 clip.

     I decided they were the right shade etc and opened them up. They whole set are not as thick as i anticipated, the double weft didn't seem like a double weft at all and i found it hard to get them to look natural in my hair for lack of them. Running my fingers through them i also had some fallout, i brushed them and again had even more fallout. Infact, i've had them two days and my bedroom is covered in the hair!  I decided to dye them orange and cut/layer them from 20 inches to 12 and the fallout is next to zero now. 
      I know this review is saying mostly bad things about these extensions but once i had styled them to my liking and hair colour, blended them and layered them, they actually look really natural and are still in great conditon considering the styling i put them through ( i'm no professional!).  They seem to have taken to heat well, creating no frizzy burnt ends and still look healthy, glossy and are really soft. The hair it'self is really good quality, super soft and smooth, really straight when they arrived with no kinks but a nice curl. 

  Overall, i think there are a lot of things that Foxy Locks can improve on but i'm happy with the way my extensions turned out. It was an arduous effort and i"m not sure if i'll be willing to commit to a purchase again, however, i will enjoy wearing my extensions till i need new ones! 


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