Monthly favourites! #1 - March

Am i legit part of the blogging community now? I've a monthly favourites post, can i be in your club?....
If you didn't know i was joking then shame on you. I've seen tons of monthly favourite videos, monthly empties videos, i really enjoy seeing what all you guys have loved enough to use up and what purchases you haven't felt regret over buying this month. I thought i'd join in the fun and post what i've been loving this month, my very first favourites post! Ohh exciting. Okay, so here goes:

Body Shop Tea Tree face wash & Toner ;  if i told you this little combo is a lifesaver, i would clearly be understating their life saving abilities. I have been using this every morning and every night since i got them, they've dramatically cleared my skin and the breakouts that i had. cleans the skin beautifully, leaving me feeling refreshed, sharp and awake. I love the cold tingly feeling it gives when you leave it on for a bit, really wakes me up in the morning. The smell from the face wash isn't strong at all which you could have expected from a tee tree product, it's a really nice gentle wash. The cleanser is a bit more harsh, it stings a bit and smells of alcohol but i love this as it make me feel that much more clean. I feel as if i've killed any gunk that was on my face. Love love love this stuff and will definatley be repurchasing once i've emptied them!
Body Shop Mango body spray; THIS STUFF *drools*  I'm always one for anything mango flavoured, scented, coloured, i just adore it. This body spray is delicious, really pungent fruity smell. Sharp, crisp, fresh, reminds me of summer and coctails. It lasts for ages too, lingers on the clothes long into the day and weakens to a lovely citrus scent. I love it so much i don't really want to empty it.
ST Moriz instant body tan; this really is a steal for only £5. Does a brilliant job, i used a st tropez tanning mitten and as the product is dark in colour and instant it's incredibly easy to see if you've missed any places! No streaks, easy application, lovely colour, a natural tan shade instead of shade ' i'm josie cunningham '. There is a scent but i actually really like it and it isn't as strong as some others that i have tried. It doesn't smell like biscuits, so that's a plus! Really easy to wash off with shower products and doesn't run when splashed with just water. A life saving product when you need an instant glow for a last minute event.
Happy Hippy - lush shower gel ; this showergel is super lush. Pun intended! Its grapefruit scent wakes the mind and gets you ready for the day, leaves me feeling invigorated when i'm feeling crappy. It's a great mood booster, again reminds me of fruity coctails and fruity concoctions i made at camp last leeds fest. I love scents that bring up memories and this definatley does for me. Lathers up nicely, leaves skin inctedibly clean and the bathroom smelling amazing. Lush product, literally!
Herbal essences dry shampoo ; this was a spur of the moment purchase from poundworld, i really needed a dry shampoo as the rain had left me looking like britney spears when she was married to K fed. Greasy gross mess! I actually love this stuff, i didn't know it was herbal essences which was a nice suprise as their stuff always smells amazing. This is no different, scent is named Tapioca which i didn't think would smell good but it is delicious. The product is clear, so doesn't live my hair looking grey/white or washed out which is what i find with batiste. It doesn't feel heavy on the hair or powdery either, i swear it's magic in a canister. Definatley would recommend, infact i already have and many of my friends have speedily walked to poundworld to pick this stuff up. A pound? Can't go wrong!
Real Techniques buffing brush ; as most of my posts begin with an ' I'm 23 and just being introduced into the world of makeup ' exclamation, this will be no different. Yes, i'm 23 and i've only just bought my first makep brush set!! I bought the real techniques orange set, you all know which one i mean. I'm pretty sure each bristle is created with unicorn hairs or something because this shit buffs like a dream, it's magical and i'm in love. Never, would i ever, have thought to use a makeup brush for foundation. I always thought them pointless, waste of money, but after seeing the difference in the finish of my foundation base, i am now converted. Spreads minimal product in an even way, no lines or finger streaks, gives a brilliant coverage  i could never create with finger tips. Super soft and just yes. I love this brush.
Seventeen 3 way highlighter; Picked this up in a rush as it was the first highlighter i found in boots. It's the first highlighter i've ever specifically bought, i just used to use eyeshadow, oops. Anyway, loving this. A lovely champagne colour highlight, pink tones too it and blends into the skin really nicely. I've only used it as a highlight on my cheeks etc but it can be used as a primer before foundation, can also be mixed into your foundation to create a dewy, youthful glow. I should already have that though, only being 23. Dammit! It was pretty inexpensive too which is a bonus.

        So there we go, my first Monthly Favourites. Hope you enjoyed what i've been enjoying, if you want to try any of the products then i have linked them below each image for you.
Have you tried any of these before? What do you think?  Let me know!.


  1. The buffing brush is a great investment, I use it every day and is such a good little brush for getting flawless coverage - even when I get the occasional breakout.
    The body shop Mango mist sounds amazing - I think I'm going to need to invest!
    Sam xx


  2. I'm gonna have to try the tea tree skin care. My face is being such a bitch. I also am super in love with the mango body mist, body butter and lip balm. I just smell like a mango a lot of the time. I only recently bought my first real technique brush. I got the expert face brush and I agree, it must be unicorn hair. So magical
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise