Going Down A Storm? Sleek Storm Palette.

        I'm 23 years old and apart from the bright blue eye shadow and blue glitter mascara I peeled from a Sugar magazine at age 13, I haven't really worn eye shadow or colour on my eyes before. I'm a plain lid, winged liner devotee and have worn it everyday for as long as I can remember, however, after endless months of hibernation and gossip girl on Netflix, I felt inspired by Taylor Momsen's much hated dark eye makeup and my anti conformist self eagerly sped to Superdrug. I had plans to dye my hair and extensions green and wanted some majestical mermaid shades to match my seaweed green lock. I stumbled upon the Sleek palette, storm. The blue shades and the green toned golds reminded me of a thunderous dirty ocean, golden foam green mermaid scales and I just had to have it!

  I never got round to dying my hair green after a disastrous attempt at bleaching my extensions, however I still really loved this palette and decided it would still be fun to play around with. My very first eyeshadow palette at the age of 23, where have I been?!
      There are 12 shades in this palette and each one of these shades is really pigmented, there are some warm colours, gold and peaches and also some cold colours which makes it a perfect palette for all skin tones. Palette has bright, soft shimmery shades which you can use in the corners of your eyes just to brighten them up or as a blending colour all over the lid. There are also a few matte shades in this palette, not all of them are shimmery as you can see. These matte shades are perfect for a base colour and again blending out, nobody wants unblended eye shadow! The dark matte colour is really food for cut creasing, contouring the eyes and creating definition, great for the classic smoky eye look or should I rename it stormy eyes?

 The shadows are really soft, there is some fallout on the shimmery shades when using my brush but apart from that i don't really have anything bad to say about this palette. I'm new to eyeshadows as a whole, i'm learning a lot though and am really looking forward to purchasing some more and creating some awesome eye looks!


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  1. I love how pigmented these colours are. I'm not very good at eyeshadow because I have dreaded hooded lids, but I always get tempted by these Sleek palettes!