Crazy Hair , always.

A foreign peroxide concoction from the pound shop, a tinting brush clearly missing bristles and a hole in my gloves were the warning signs my 15 year old self should have listened too. My first hairdye experience went horribly wrong, lustrous cherry red tresses shimmering in my minds eye was the catalyst for a series of unfortunate bleaching incidents. First time, i never reached the red i longed for, instead i ended up with a multi colour miss matched bright copper mop of bleach broken hair.     
    Shadily trawling the shelves of superdrug for box dyes, hoping to not bring attention to my chemical calamity, i came up short with a solution and pegged it to Afflecks palace as a last resort. I found salvation in a tub of Fire Red Crazy Colour and thus my obsession with crazy hair colours was ignited.

An Interview with Asta Nowarra - Roly Poly Wardrobe

 Asta is a 28 year old, body positive, plus size, fashion and design assistant living in Berlin. A childhood addiction to rifling through her mums wardrobe and dressing in her awesome clothes has given this body posi babe a taste for fashion that only grows stronger. Wearing whatever she wants on the daily and sticking to fingers up at the haters, this lovely lady has developed a confidence to envy! I had the pleasure of interviewing Asta to find out all her body positive secrets!

Asta's blog Rolypoly wardrobe is a place where she posts personal paragraphs and fashion photos, her Instagram is also filled with the self love inspiration and plenty of selfies breaking down beauty standards! I have linked each of the photo's used to Asta's blog to give her the credit she deserves.