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If it seems natural then I'm after it, I don't think I'm alone in this either. When it comes to skincare I like there to be some kind of earthy element to it, maybe vitamins from fruits or in this case weeds from the sea. I love mud masks, oatmeal scrubs, basically anything that doesn't seem chemically based ( but probably is ). There's nothing nicer than applying a seaweed scrub, smelling the salty smell of the ocean, letting it carry you to salty waves and sandy soles. I much prefer this type of skincare than sweet sickly candy smelling products, don't get me wrong I love those stuff too but when it comes to skincare I much prefer this type of stuff.
      These two are part of The Body Shop seaweed skincare range, this range was purposefully designed for oily/combination skin and helps to restore our skins balance and keep us oil free. I picked the seaweed scrub up during The Body Shop beauty blogger event, I just loved the clay mask so much that I figured I needed another seaweed product to add to my vast collection. I have that many seaweed products I almost feel like a mermaid, not that that's a bad thing right?

The Body Shop | Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask £13

 I purchased this a few months ago, I received an email offer that I just couldn't refuse. Spend £50 and receive £25 off, so I went mental online and picked a boat load of stuff I'd been wanting for ages. This clay mask is one of Body Shop's biggest sellers, I put my faith in previous sales and figured I could always give it my mother if it didn't agree with my skin. However, this is a god send. My skin is excessively oily and my pores are rather large, this tightens them right up and keeps me matte and shine free for a few days afterwards. Skin is left feeling soft, clean and I find it really evens out the skin tone. The mask is a really thick clay mask, only a thin layer is needed to smudge around the face and let dry. What I love about this is the fact it doesn't crumble, I've tried many natural face masks before from Lush and they always seems to crumble and fall off the face when dry. Not this one, it's super thick, super tightening and drying and isn't messy in the slightest. If you wash your face before applying this, beware that it may sting any spots that you have. I really like that though, makes me feel as if it's really working on zapping them and clearing things up.
   I would definitely recommend this if you suffer from oily skin, it's purposefully made for this kind of skin type and agrees with me really well. Love this stuff, I've had it for a while now and there's still tons left, so really good value for money too.

The Body Shop | Seaweed pore cleansing facial exfoliator £10

 Another body shop best seller this seaweed pore cleansing facial scrub is just something I couldn't see myself living without. After the success of the clay mask, I decided I would purchase this too and get rid of all my dry patches my combination skin has burdened me with. Again, I absolutely love this product. It's not like any other facial scrub that I have tried, the scrubbing granules are rather large and you can feel them working on your skin as you rub it around your face. It really feels like it's getting down in there and scrubbing out all the impurities, flaking away your dead skin. A lot of facial scrubs I have tried in the past have been really gentle, just a fine scrub that doesn't really feel like it's doing anything. This is still really gentle but I love the composition of it, leaves my skin feeling incredibly refreshed, clean and makes my skin look awake. I find it gives my skin a glow that I have never had with any other product, I really feel it scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves me beautifully radiant. I can't recommend this enough.

It's no wonder these two products are best sellers, really, really love them. I have been using the facial exfoliator regularly, I'd say around twice a week and I have been using the clay mask every Friday for ' face mask Friday '. I have noticed a real difference in the appearance of my skin, noticed a huge reduction in my dry patches and am thoroughly in love with seaweed. I will be investing in a lot more of the seaweed range when I have some money spare. I really feel they work well with my skin combination and leave my skin looking and feeling healthy.

yes, I'm beautiful. You don't have to tell me.

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