The Body Shop - Vitamin C Glow enhancing moisturizer.
 As i have mentioned before, my skin is what i like to call flat. When i exercise it doesn't flush, doesn't glow, doesn't sweat. There's never any luminous glow or pink rosy cheeks unless it has came from a product. When i tan i don't look beautiful and sun kissed, i just look dirty and in need of a good bath. Anything that offers me or claims to make my skin glowing, i am all over that like a rash and this was no exception. 
  During The Body Shop blogger event that i attended, there was a little informative speech about the new vitamin C range and a sample pot pass around. I didn't go to the event with the intention of buying a moisturizer as i was still quite happy with my Good Things matte one but after hearing the info, the ingredients and the purpose of the moisturizer, i was sold. 

   The Vitamin C range, including the moisturizer, is packed with Camu Camu berry oil. Apparently this is the ingredient that gives skin the glowing look, helps turn over your dull skin cells leaving our skin looking plump, healthy, and feeling radiant. Harvested from the amazonian rain forest during rainy season, this little berry is incredibly punchy and embodies 60 times the vitamin c power of an orange. With that little knowledge bomb i was ready to throw out my glass of morning orange juice and bathe in this stuff.  
   I have used this stuff none stop since i bought it, probably around 3 weeks. It feels amazing, a very light weight gel product that sinks into the skin beautifully and leaves it feeling clean and fresh. The gel like texture of this moisturizer means that a little goes a long way, everyday for near enough 3 weeks and I've only just used the stuff that was stuck on the inside of the lid. I can see this lasting me a very long time, so well worth the money. It's beautifully scented, oranges and citrus fruit come to mind and really help with the morning wake up routine. The scent doesn't last on the skin but it's still really nice to be enveloped in refreshing scents as soon as you wake up.

     I have really oil yet dry, flaky, acne prone skin and i find this moisturizer to be mattifying but not drying. I have found that my face has stayed matte for most of the day, lasting around 9 hours but i haven't had any of the dry flaky skin i would normally get on my eyebrows or nose, fantastic. Sinks into the skin really fast, leaves no residue or greasy layer which i absolutely despise and is just all round a lovely moisturizer. 
    That being said, i have not found any improvement on the glow of my skin. I expected great things but I don't feel like Edward Cullen, my skin isn't glittering with the dewy glow of health, i don't feel like it has made my skin anymore radiant, glowy, plumper. I don't feel like it has done anything for my skin other than moisturize. It's not like i didn't give it time or a fair good go before my review because come on, almost 3 weeks! I guess it's just another product i can throw with the ' i can't get my gray skin to look alive ' statement.

I still really like this moisturizer, the scent, the way it keeps my skin matte, the feel of it and the speed it sinks into the skin. I think it's really great value for money and can last a long time, i'm still happy with my purchase.

Have you tried this moisturizer ? What do you think? Get a glow?

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