The Body Shop - Camomile cleansing butter review

The Body Shop | Cleansing Camomile butter £12

  I have heard the cries of numerous people as they exclaim their love for this product, apparently it's a beauty blogger favorite and one that many people can't live without. I picked it up at The Body shop beauty blogger event that i was invited to on the 7th, after watching my best friends makeup melt away during a face massage and mithering the staff for information on this, i decided to purchase it. The feedback i was getting was just too good!

The cleanser comes in a metal tin with a screw able lid, really easy storage, metal tin keeps it cool which is essential as i imagine it could be a bit messy or ruined if this product became warm during storage. This product is of a wax consistency in the tin but when you take a chunk and apply it to your face, it quickly melts into a warm oil that you can smudge around your face and melt all your makeup.
    It works brilliantly, it's so much fun to smudge your makeup around your face and know you're cleaning at the same time. It melts mascara super easy, lip stain isn't a stain anymore and i really can't fault the product in that sense. It doesn't have a fragrance, least i can never smell one. It washes off really easily, leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. It's a really great product and i can see why a lot of people recommend it with a force unyielding. I would suggest that this product be used on skin types that are normal or dry, i have really oily skin myself and find that rubbing the oily product all over my face just doesn't feel great and my face is even oilier an hour after using. I wouldn't recommend for acne prone or oily skin.

Personally, i don't like this product. I love how it removes makeup and if i wasn't such a funny bugger i'd be all over this, but i can't stand grease. I can't stand grease of any kind, cooking grease, hair grease, skin grease, any product that is greasy is just a no go for me. I was unaware of this when i purchased otherwise i probably wouldn't have. Moving the greasy product around my face physically made me gag, so you can see the extension of my hate. However, it is a product that works well, really well in fact. So don't let my preferences put you off.

Do you have this? What do you think?

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