Closed Door event at The Body Shop.

     Thursday evening I dragged my socially anxious ass to a blogger event I really wanted to attend, I had been invited to The Body Shop closed door event through a blogger group and really wanted to take part. I ran home from work, speedily changed into something less pauper like and jumped the pauper wagon to meet my friend. I plus 1 my best friend Rachell and we sat in Rollers pizza place before hand drowning out anxieties in pepperoni grease and mozzarella cheese. Nothing like a bit of anxious eating is there! This was to be my first blogger event and I had no clue how it would pan out or what the other bloggers would think of me but I sucked it up and arrived anyway.

   Upon arrival I gave my name and received a welcome laced with Mango's and Malibu, cute little milk bottles, cocktails of confidence and strawberry milkshakes. Barber striped straws just added the little quirky edge to these which I loved and they tasted great too. After deciding it would be socially inappropriate of me to go straight for a big bottle, even though I so wanted too, I took a small one and began to browse the luxurious shelves whilst we waited for the other bloggers to arrive. To the left near the makeup stalls, the girls of the shop had gone through the effort of cutting strawberry's and setting up a chocolate fountain. It was a lovely little touch and got a few of us girls laughing together as we stuffed our faces with the fabulous chocolate covered sweets. I apologise for my ungracious overeating guys but it was good okay.

    Once everybody was fruitily intoxicated and comfortable, the host Fiona Charlotte explained to us how the evening would plan out. It was her first blogger event and although a little nervous I think she did fabulous. An in depth description of their new products and their benefits, explanation of the discounts we were being offered and some future product releases. We were then offered bronzing lessons with the new bronzing products or skincare consultations, competition of the evening was explained and then began to disperse to enjoy the events activities.

   My friend Rachell was the first person to have a skin consultation, the first person ballsy enough to remove all her makeup in front of a bunch of beauty bloggers! She sat down on the chair and Fiona began to ask her all types of questions about her current routine and how she would like her skin to behave. Questions asked were:
  • How would you describe the look and feel of your skin?
  • What is your skincare regime?
  • How much time do you spend on your skincare daily?
  • How many glasses of water do you drink a day?
  • What is your ultimate skincare goal?
each of these questions ended with a tick in a box which helped Fiona determine which products would be best for Rachells skin. A sebum test was carried out and then Fiona began to use the products she had chosen for a facial, the sheet we received at the end showed Rachell the products that Fiona had used so that she could pick them out herself and do the routine at home. Rachell was incredibly impressed and felt her skin was instantly refreshed and felt different to her normal routine of baby wipes, all products used were purchased and I received a text from her this morning exclaiming her addiction already to her new routine!! I kind of wished I wasn't so anxious and actually had a skin consultation myself, I have such problem skin so would have been nice to find some products that work specifically for my skin type. I did ask Fiona some questions about products for oily skin and was shown in the direction of the new Vitamin C range which I did purchase and am really loving already.

   The Body Shop Vitamin C range is a new range I believe that was released just last Thursday, a bunch of products dedicated to restoring glow and radiance to our tired overworked complexions. During the introduction, Fiona handed round a pot of the Vitamin C moisturiser pictured above and I loved the texture and smell of it, only in the skin consultation was I really sold. I plan to do a review of this, so please keep your eyes open and check it out if you have an interest in purchasing it. The blogger event allowed us 30% discount on the new ranges, which is something that everyday shoppers aren't able to have which I'm really grateful for. I managed to pick up a full bag of stuff worth over £70 for just £36, how generous? I signed up for a loyalty car for £5 and received a free eye cream, if I spent over £25 after the discount then I would also receive a mango set free which was worth £25 itself. I'd be stupid to pass up that, so I spent a fair bit and received a whole bunch of delicious smelling elixirs. My next post is going to be a haul, so keep your eyes peeled for this also to see the goodies I picked up!

My first bloggers event and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm glad I went. Thanks Body shop for the invite, thanks to the girls for hosting and being genuinely fabulous. I can't wait to attend some more blogger events and meet some more of you lovely people, it was very nice to meet you Michelle and I hope we meet again at other events! This time I wont be so nervous and socially awkward!

Did any more of you attend? Pick up anything nice?

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