Monthly Favorites #2 - April!

   April has been the month I created enough space in my purse for moths to mate, paper, copper, nickel, flying and rolling out after every glance of lip sparkle, whiff of perfume and hover over hyperlinks. I have well and truly spent a small fortune this month, I did however book a holiday to Amsterdam so all wasn't wasted on pink glittery wands of allure. April has seen me finish many TV series, seen me trip on the street in front of an old school friend, seen me receive an invite to my very first blogger event and has genuinely been very kind to me. I have fallen in love with a bunch of new products I had never tried before this month, I love it but am also pretty wounded that my monthly wish list of mandatories is now elongated.

Good Things Micellar Water 250ml | £4.49

   I have mentioned this Micellar water before in My Good Things skin care review. I absolutely am in love with this product, a little goes a long way and makeup removal is an absolute dream. It can be a little greasy at first but soaks into the skin really nicely, i have to use a mattifying moisturiser afterwards as my skin is really greasy naturally but i still can't fault this product. It smells absolutely amazing too, refreshing, fruity and just adds a little beauty to the duty. We all know makeup removal is a pain in the a$$.

Marc Jacobs Honey 100ml | £67.90

   It's nice to finally be acquainted with Mr Marc Jacobs, my very first perfume by this guy and I couldn't love it enough. I always bathe myself in the Boots testers when I venture in store, I'm always on the verge of being kicked out and barred for using the full bottle. Absolutely love this scent, reminds me of summer, obnoxiously drowned in this and sat on the grass with a fruit cider and friends. An incredibly fruity scent made from pears, mandarins, orange, peach, vanilla and honey. How divine! A bonus is the beautiful bottle, looks lovely with my other products on my dressing table.
    The only thing I can say badly about this is the strength, it's a perfume and not an eau d toilette which means that there is more perfume to water ratio in the mixture. It is a really good thing cause it means the perfume lasts a lot longer on the skin, you can still smell this for hours afterwards and it fades really nicely. However cause it is so strong it can really get in and irritate the throat for the first half an hour, well it does with me anyway. Still, it isn't enough to waver my ever growing love for this fragrance and the memories that it carries for me!

Miss Manga Mascara - Loreal Paris | £8.99

   This mascara is my holy grail of mascara, it's the second one i have bought in the space of a month which is incredible for me. I hate mascara and normally am one to just use the one my friends leave behind after pre drinking and makeup touch ups at my house. I rarely buy mascara but after lusting over an Instagram friends lashes and bombarding her with inquisitive messages of it's whereabouts and price, she finally told me and I Usain bolted it to Boots.
      I have never loved a mascara and I LOVE this, the wand has a flexible section which allows the bristles their own movement and helps to equally apply the product. It finely, evenly coats each lash and fans them out perfectly. I haven't had any clumping, any lashes sticking together, any fights with makeup remover to remove the thing. It is a buildable mascara, it builds with no clumps and is still just as easy to remove as one single coat. The bristles are tapered, it gets thinner towards the end allowing you access to your tiniest lashes and giving them a good lashing of this product. It's fabulous, I can't say anything bad about it! A lot of people have warned me about it's longevity, apparently it dry's up really fast but I haven't had it that long and have yet to find any truth in the rumours. If it does dry up abnormally early then I will be sure to let you all know!

Rimmel London 0h My Gloss | £5.49
Rimmel London Apocalips | £6.49

   I have recently wrote a full review of the Rimmel London Oh My Gloss lip glosses, I hated them at first but have really grown to like them. Especially this shade, twinkle twinkle. I have been loving layering this with Rimmels Apocalips , the bright pink shade ( can't find a name or number on the tube ). Whenever I have been wearing this I have had multiple compliments, I think it looks really cool against my hair colour and is a really lovely summer shade. I love the shimmer the oh my gloss adds to the matte Apocalips, it's been my go to lip for April and will definitely be continuing into May!

N.4 LUmiere d'hiver super comb prep and protect | £21.14 ( $32 )

 I received this in my April Birch Box, i have done a mini review of it in my box review and have been loving it and using it every morning since I received it. It smells of coffee which I don't think will be to everybody's taste but I absolutely love it, especially in the morning, it's a brilliant wake up smell. It's a heat protectant, so spray onto your hair when it's wet and style as normal. I find it makes my hair really sleek and soft, as my hair is bleached it can normally feel crispy after straightening but after using this I haven't had that problem once. It completely smoothes any fly away when styling and any frizz I used to get has gone too. I'm a bit gutted that I can only find this product online and the shipping is probably a fortune as I'm not sure they sell this in the UK. It's a brilliant product and if you can get your hands on it , I urge you to do so!

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask | £6.00

  Ultimate life saver, that's all I should really say about this product because that's entirely what it has been. It's a thick hair mask that you apply to your hair before shampooing and leave on for around 15 minutes. It nourishes the hair with sunflower seed and micro wheat proteins to give your bleached hair back its elasticity. I have had tonnes of bleached hair mishaps, I have had my hair fall out from bleaching, I have burned my hair off, I have had my sisters head smoking, I have brought my poor hair back from the dead with this mask and I can not recommend it enough. At first I really hated it, I hated the smell, I thought it made my hair like candyfloss and didn't really help much but after using it a few more times and really noticing the effects, I love it.

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  1. Ohhhh, Really interested in that hair mask. I wasn't too keen on their rose conditioner that I tried but I love hair masks, especially ones for coloured hair :)
    Loving that lipgloss on you. Stunning shade.
    Gillian xx Eyeliner Flicks Beauty & Lifestyle Blog