' Berry ' Good Skin Care - Good Things - Vegan and vegetarian skin care!

    I went into my local TK Maxx with hopes of buying some new nail polishes, my claw like hands grasping at every spring shade that i could possible find on the car boot like shelves. Cramp setting in, fingers aching, i dropped them all faster than Simon Cowell dropped Sam Bailey. I crouched on my shaking knees, beetroot face hung in shame as i picked them all back up again. Luckily none of them had smashed and i still had the glorious option of putting them back on the shelf and walking away commotion free. I lined them all up in their original places and proceeded to skulk round the back of the other shelves, that's when i came across the Good Things Super Fruits products.

  Instantly drawn to their descriptive scents and their ethics, i decided i'd look stupid if i left empty handed after spending the past hour in there. I payed and carried them back to the bus stop where i got my bus. On the way home i opened them up to have a sniff, as you do. I can truthfully say i have never been so suprised and delighted in all my life, well maybe not all my life but most definatley the most suprised i've been this year. I have never smelt something so delicious, it's like taking a trip to candy land and bathing in fruit juice. The Good Things super fruits collection are Infused with berries, acai berries, goji berries, blueberries. They smell ' berry ' nice. All of Good things products are vegetarian, vegan which makes these products even better! There's nothing nicer than imagining little furry creatures running around when you purchase and use vegan products, there's just no better for the conscience and the environment.

The two products I picked up are :
  • Good Things Acai Berry Multi Tasking Miceller water.
  • Good Things Miracle Mattifier moisturiser.

Good Things - Acai Berry Multi-tasking Micellar Water

   Micellar waters have been on the market for a while now, every makeup artist I know has one in their kit but I myself had never heard of them until a few months ago. Originally created by the French to stop the Parisian women using the harsh water on their skin, they're designed to clean away impurities and makeup without the need for water. Micellar waters contain tiny particles of oil that break down makeup and the sebum our skin creates, leaving out skin clean and fresh. Micellar waters I believe are the most gentle form of makeup removal, free of soap, alcohol and harsh chemicals they are suitable for all skin types and yes, that includes sensitive and acne prone!
      Forever one to fall into bed with a full face of makeup after a few too many rum zombies in club hula , I decided this would be a good thing for me to purchase and keep by the side of my bed. It has served me very well, I must say I am pretty impressed considering this was under £5. I wear pretty heavy eye makeup when i am in town, winged eyeliner to rival the rehab rebal winehouse, but this little beauty just dissolves it in 30 seconds and makes it incredibly easy to wipe clean. Mascara too just came clean off, I have already voiced my hate for mascara and lack of eyelashes when trying to remove. This micellar water by Good things has made the removal a dream, my full face is clean, refreshed and smells amazing in under 3 minutes. 
     There are many great things to be said about this product, however there is one down side that i have found! This water leaves the face feeling greasy or sticky for around 2 minutes after using, that's something i really can't stand and is the only downside to this product. This products takes around 2 minutes to dry up and soak into the skin, once that has finished though, skin feels soft and thoroughly clean. I love this product, despite the drying time.

Good Things - Miracle Mattifier moisturiser

      I have combination skin, hourly applying the powder to mattify my face but making my dry patches dryer than Sahara. I can never win. I have never used a moisturiser before, i always thought that a person with oily skin should stay away from any type of moisturising creams because they would make it worse. How wrong was I?
      My skin was in incredibly rubbish condition having never been nourished or cared for, it soaked up this product like a sponge in water. My skin has never been so soft, smooth or looked as great as it does now. I managed to get 10 hours oil free after applying this once before work, no horrible greasy shine, no dirty feeling skin, just clean, soft, matte and fresh. My makeup has never looked so smooth, i have no dry flaky patches anymore where makeup clings and i feel i could finally get a full days wear out of my first makeup application. I am in love with this product, it smells amazing, does wonders for my skin and wins just for being vegan.  I can't recommend this product enough for oily skin, if you have oily skin or combination skin like myself then I suggest you give this a try! Very inexpensive, under £5 and available from Sainsbury's, boots or Tkmaxx!



  1. Oooh I've never seen these before! They look great, thanks for sharing. Your bunny is adorable too! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I always drop something or knock stuff off shelves in every shop I go in. Its ridiculous. Also I need to try that moisturiser so bad.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise