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    My day was feeling dark and grey, being back in work from having almost a week off for Easter, not looking forward to spending the following 8 hours booking garbage disposal bins and drainage solutions. I was feeling pretty down, until i got tagged in this cute ass post! 
     Having been tagged in something as sweet as this after only having my blog for a short while, a smile bigger than miss Lovato's spread across my face. I print screened it and sent it to my best friend while simultaneously squealing with glee, a small acknowledgment, a thoughtful thought to my wee little blog. To know that somebody has been crushing on my blog enough to call it lovely is amazing and really filled me with such happiness, feels great to know that my words aren't just sinking to the dirty depths of the world wide web and somebody appreciates the things i write.  

Thanks to the absolutely beautiful Nia ( click here for her blog ) who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks for brightening up my day, for taking to time to read my posts and spread the love. You are awesome!

The One Lovely Blog Award is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers, as a little something something to let you know that they are appreciating your words, photos, your effort and enjoy reading your posts. It's becoming a great way to share the love, a great talking point and a fabulous way to make new friends in the blogging community! I loved being nominated for this, i'm pretty new to the blogging community and really needed a network to share ideas with and bounce off of. I seem to have found that now, so thanks guys, much love!


  The rules that come with this little blogging award are easy and fun, you have to post 7 facts about yourself and list them below. Then, after divulging your information you get to nominate your 10 favourite blogs to receive this and do the same! All rules are said and done, i must get onto sharing my 7 facts. Here goes :

  • I have had every hair colour that you can think of, blue, green, purple and now orange. You name it, i have had it. I'm very spontaneous with my hair and it sometimes results in incredibly hideous hairdo's! Double undercut for instance!
  • I am currently writing this post in work, i should really be arranging a demolition firm to demolish some building on site but instead i thought i would risk losing my job to post to you beauty's.
  • I am 22, living in Manchester Uk and i really like vodka cocktails.
  • I have 9 brothers and sisters, i'm the second oldest.
  • I am currently planning my first trip to Amsterdam in August, I've just booked it off work today and i can't wait!
  • I started this blog just over a month ago but i have previously had other successful social media accounts based on my recovery from mental health issues, i went to London last August for the first time ever and got recognized in the street twice!
  • I have a severe phobia or dogs and i am allergic to cats/hamsters.


 As i'm new to this and the award i was nominated for was actually the first one I've ever seen, i'm unsure who has been nominated for one before. I'm just going to nominate the top 10 blogs that i visit almost daily and get excited about their new posts. If you're nominated below, please know that i love what you are writing and putting out there. I love your blog, so keep it up! All my nominations will be linked so you can check out their stuff, hopefully you like it all as much as i do!
 My nominations are:

Hello Charmmie
Lipstick and dresses
miss everyday elegance
Dungarees & donuts
hello terri lowe
Justine Pendrill
Zoe London
Kate This Is What I do
satchels and pearls

There you have it, my truly lovely blog nominations! Please check these guys out and take a look at all their stuff, it's nice to feel a little appreciated when you spend time and effort into creating something whether it be a video or a blog post. Just wanted to let all you guys know that i love your stuff and i can't wait to read more!

Lots of love. 

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