Spring Lip Pick - My 4 fave spring lip products.

    Today really feels like spring to me, the sun is shining and I've conjured up enough mental spring to jump out of bed and clean my bedroom for the first time since February. Fruity room spray, Ariana Grande's angelic voice wafting through the waves of dust I brushed off my mirror, summer drum beats on repeat, it feels like the perfect day to finally get rid of winter! So, what's a better way to pack off jack frost and extra intense lip balm? Extra intense colourful spring time lipsticks, duh! Here are my top 4 lip products that I will be wearing through out spring, all from the drugstore and incredibly inexpensive!

1) Make Up Academy Matte lipstick - LILAC BELLE £1

Link to lipstick here.

   This is my Top Pick out of the 4 lip products above, I absolutely am 1000% in love with this. £1 from Make Up Academy Superdrug, I wasn't really planning on a good review but this has taught me to not turn my nose up at a bargain. Cheap and cheerful this little lipstick is definitely worth that one pound. Packaged in a usual twist up tube, this little guy has a bottom that unscrews and holds a small tub of the lipstick for when the tube runs out. Fab!  I love the contrast it has with my orange hair and the pigmentation is brilliant.  Only downside is that it's incredibly thick and rough to apply , incredibly drying too but nothing a bit of lip balm can't sort out. This even looks great with a clear gloss on the top, reminds me a lot of Mac Snob but nowhere near the price. I'll definitely be getting my use out of this , spring and summer.

2)  Make Up Academy Luxe London - Liquid to matte lipstick in CRIMINAL.  £3

Link to lipstick here.

As you can probably tell already, I'm a huge fan of matte lipsticks and MAU just happen to have that side of lipstick down. A brilliant price again, you can't really complain if products do turn out to be rubbish. This Liquid to matte lipstick is always being compared to Lime crimes liquid matte lipsticks and I can see why, being a favourite of mine for a while the MAU luxe do a range of different colours equally as brilliant as each other. Criminal is the shade I am wearing above, my second choice for spring lips. Brilliantly neon pop of pink, perfectly matte and super fast drying, I am in love with this product! This stuff lasts hours, drinking is perfectly fine but eating can be a bit messy. An application is definitely necessary after eating anything and the way it crumbles into tiny flecks is pretty gross, it's a very drying product but the colour pigmentation is too good to even consider never wearing this. I'll be wearing this with a peach blush and smile! Love this product!

3) Rimmel London Kate Moss - COLOUR 110 £5.49

Link to lipstick is here.

Yes, another matte lipstick you exclaim to yourself. Matte lipsticks are my horcruxes, each one diminishes my humanity and severely disfigures my bank account! This one was a little less destructive though, at only five pounds fifty it's a brilliant buy. I'm a girl who will wear a bold lip everyday, this fabulous peachy/orange colour is a brilliant summer spring shade which will look just as fabulous on bronzed, tan skin. Easy to apply, soft lipstick with a matte finished and a divine watermelon/mango scent. It's a moisturising, non staining lip products that I am very happy to recommend! Nothing bad to be said about this! All of kate's collection is awesome but this is a favourite.

4) Rimmel London Lasting finish colour rush - BOOM CHICK A BOOM. £5.99

Link to Lipstick is here.

These Rimmel lip balms I loved so much , I did a full post on them that you can find HERE. This is the brightest one that I have, in shade boom chick a boom, the lip balm gives an awesome spring of blue toned pink with a lovely sheen. Really moisturising, easy and soft to apply, smells of cupcakes and frosting, can't really go wrong. If you want a more in depth review of these products then check out the link above, I really liked these and choose this as my favourite lip balm for spring.


  1. I honestly love your blog so much, and your writing style is so great, brightens anyone's day, I'm so thankful I stumbled upon this blog. Could you check out mine?

    1. Thanks a lot sweetness, means a lot! Im glad you like my stuff, sure i'll check yours out!

  2. So jealous that these colours all look amazing on you. I can't seem to pull these kinda colours off. You look great
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise