That's so 70's - My favourite pieces

      Rhythm Blues and Motown were very much alive and on the rise in the 70's, Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5 shuffling across the stage in silver platforms and brown suede flares, feathered haircuts scatter the crowd. Saturday night fever infected everyone and the lust for bellbottoms grew fast. I kind of like the bell bottoms these days but I'm also kind of pleased that some of these fashions have died down, I don't think I could rock a farra fawcet feathered hairdo and blue eyeshadow to my eyebrows if my life depended on it. This year the icon 70's have been revamped and revived for summer / spring, every fashion brand is cashing in on this and the rails are jam packed with rock music slogan t-shirts, floral patterns, baggy pants and Indian patterned shirts to cater to our diverse 70's desires.

ASOS are really killing it this year, it's overflowing with 70's inspired pieces and I feel I could quite possibly die if I don't get my hands on either of the dresses listed below! Especially the band of gypsys romantic floral dress, that back lace detailing makes my heart swell. Misguided have some nice pieces too, a few nice jackets with fringe detailing which I'm really loving this year. Affordable, on trend and a lot of choice which is what I like to see! I'm never really a fan of Topshop and struggled to find anything I really liked in their seasonal stuff, I did however find a real cute crochet dress and I'm pretty sure you all know my undying and unrequited love for crochet, my Coachella post can enlighten you if not. Anyway , listed below are my favourite pieces I have found whilst browsing the internet, perfect for the 70's style summer and spring we have coming our way. I would rock the majority of these if I had the money, the pants I would probably have to give a miss as my Mila Kunis body hasn't arrived yet. I'm pretty sure any of these outfits would have Eric Foreman lusting over you, if that's what you are into ( I AM ).

All Images are linked to website if you wish to purchase.'s-swing-dress-with-flared-sleeves-in-mixed-paisley/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5178938&clr=Print&SearchQuery=70%27s&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=2391&gridsize=3&gridrow=8&gridcolumn=2's-swing-dress-with-flared-sleeves-in-mixed-paisley/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5178938&clr=Print&SearchQuery=70%27s&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=2391&gridsize=3&gridrow=8&gridcolumn=2

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