Black Heart Creatives!
Above image is linked to BHC website if you want to check it out. You should.

 Black Heart Creatives, the brain child of fabulous Plus size blogger and boss lady Charlotte. Jewellery that is hand made, laser cut acrylic and a big fat statement. Black Heart Creatives take requests on custom designs, have a wide variety of colours including UV and glitter making sure they meet every single one of our kitsch needs. Bold, punchy, bright, fun, conversation starting pieces that can be easily worn day or night. I very cheekily sent an email over to Charlotte, requesting a collaboration after I found out she was a fellow plus sized blogger. I loved her stuff before I saw her jewellery, then when I realised she had dedicated a jewellery range to the celebration of plus size women then I knew I just had to work with her!

Charlotte is incredibly generous, she sent over any item of jewellery that I wanted from her site in exchange for an honest review. I really wanted something from the fat babe collection but I don't think I'm confident enough to wear something so statement at the minute, I can 1000% see Ingrid @Misswink13 rocking something like this. Fabulous, daring, bright and a big two fingers to fat shamers! Not on Ingrid's level of eff you yet, I decided to go with the Black Nope earrings, I felt they were still sassy, easily wearable to dress up or down an outfit and I chose black because I love the contrast with my orange hair.

 The gift arrived at my doorstep very speedily and I was so excited to receive them that I ripped the package open with my teeth. The earrings came sat inside a little white box, with a black heart creative's business card and what I like to call protective fluff. The box you will receive any jewellery in is 100% recycled from The Tiny Box company, so doing the world a little good all round!

Apparently acrylic jewellery can be very fragile, due to the nature of the products, however I found these to be incredibly sturdy, thick and really well made. As with all handmade jewellery items you have to keep an open mind and accept them some jewellery can have minor flaws, with the set of earrings I received I didn't find a single flaw and in my opinion they were perfectly made. As this type of jewellery is delicate I would suggest really looking after it, treating it as fragile and a little differently to your shop bought costume jewellery.

I really am impressed with these earrings, I love the message that Charlotte sends out into the world, I love the time and effort that has gone into custom designing peoples dream jewellery pieces, promoting body positivity and creating pieces that show our feminine sass and confidence. Pieces that are eye catching, quirky, unique and welcome compliments off strangers in night clubs. Yeah I wore these last night, yeah I got compliments and yeah I loved it.

I think it's important that we all support small businesses, help spread the word and encourage/support the positive messages and hard work ethics that they tend to give out. I feel a lot more love has gone into handmade products than shop bought. I love these and i thank Charlotte for gifting them to me.

Please, check out Black heart creatives for some awesome jewellery.
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