Body Shop Haul!

Okay, so I already had a lot of products from the body shop but now it's entirely feasible for me to open another branch straight from my bedroom. I had an invite to The Body shop blogger event last Thursday and the discount they were offering meant I could go completely overboard and not feel bad about it.

 There was a 30% discount on all their new stock which is something regular shoppers don't get, very grateful for that. As well as this, we could buy a body shop card for £5 and receive a free gift and a further 10% discount. If you spent £25 still after the discount then you also received more free gifts worth £25. All in all, I spend £36 and got over £70 worth of stuff. Generous much! Thanks body shop.

Okay, so here is what I bought and what is pictured above :

I definitely have my favourites out of the products I picked up, the vitamin C moisturiser feels like it has been created with angel tears. I will be doing a full review of this product see keep a look out! The camomile cleansing butter I will also be doing a review on because I love this product so much, melts makeup perfectly and leaves skin feeling amazing. The little facial buffing brush is brilliant and the exfoliator is just as fab. I am honestly so happy with the things I managed to pick up and am really thankful for the generosity of Body Shop.

Thanks again for the invite!

Did you pick up anything nice? What are your body shop faves?

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  1. Bargain!!
    I had the elderflower gel before but I wasn't too fussed with it, sadly.
    I love their shower gels. So fresh.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks