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   Cupid shot me with a bow from Rimmel, almost every lip product they have released I have fallen in love with. In my opinion they are the masters of matte lipstick, replicating the smell of fresh cupcakes for our lip smackers and delivering all the shades a lipstick addict can ask for. Lipstick is a must have for me, I've never really been a fan of lip gloss. The only time I've ever been excited over a gloss is when it came free with an issue of Sugar magazine I secretly bought behind my mums back.
    I've been really into gossip girl and have developed a massive girl crush on Serena & Blair, so lip gloss kind of happened. I guess you could lump me with the girl who wears army pants and flip flops because Regina does, I'd be fine with that.
     Rimmel have been plugging these Oh My Gloss lip glosses for a while. The whole #GLOSSYDEBATE on twitter got me interested in purchasing these and so I ventured the 2 minutes to my laptop and popped them in my virtual basket. I purchased two of them in different shades, the pink shade is TWINKLE TWINKLE and the red shade is REBEL RED. There are 15 shades of these glosses available which means they will probably have your perfect shade!
  These lip-glosses claim to have up to 6 hours of colour and contain Rimmel's ' gloss lock ' technology, argon oil and vitamin E for a 3d shine, ultimate comfort and moisture. Rimmel also claims that these lip glosses are non sticky, comfortable and light to wear. First impressions had me whinging for a refund, especially for the red one, however after multiple uses I find myself warming to them and believing once again in the power of Rimmel.
The applicator of these glosses is like this, I'm not sure of the correct name for these types of applicators but if you know then please leave a comment below and enlighten me! It's kind of like a flat doe foot and I'm really loving how flexible and soft it is, makes application a breeze and one swipe of the wand leaves my lips beautifully covered. Not too much and not too little, just the right amount of gloss for the perfect sparkly pout. The formula is great, I expected it to be really thick and sticky but to my surprise it feels more like a lip balm. It has more of a greasy texture, glides on easily and feels very moisturising. I guess Rimmel really went to town on the accuracy in their description! Kudo's!
Twinkle Twinkle ^^
   Rebel Red ^ ^
       The two shades I have are full of tiny sparkles which I love, the red one I wasn't really fond of at first but have grown to really love the juicy look it gives. Reminds me of glazed apples at Halloween! The pink shade is basically clear when you put it on, a little tint of pale pink just enhances your lips natural colour and is still a really lovely gloss. As for 6 hours of colour staying power, I think it may have been an exaggeration. This lipstick lasts for 2 hours at most, if your eating and drinking then it's basically gone straight away! There isn't much colour pay off in the first place which sucks but they are still really nice.
 Overall I really do like these Rimmel lip glosses, I'm happy with my purchases and think Rimmel have done well yet again! If you wish to look at the different shades that they have or you wish to purchase some of these yourself then click here to take you to the Rimmel site!
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Do you have these glosses? What's your favourite shade?

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  1. I havent tried these yet but have heard good things x