An Interview with Asta Nowarra - Roly Poly Wardrobe

 Asta is a 28 year old, body positive, plus size, fashion and design assistant living in Berlin. A childhood addiction to rifling through her mums wardrobe and dressing in her awesome clothes has given this body posi babe a taste for fashion that only grows stronger. Wearing whatever she wants on the daily and sticking to fingers up at the haters, this lovely lady has developed a confidence to envy! I had the pleasure of interviewing Asta to find out all her body positive secrets!

Asta's blog Rolypoly wardrobe is a place where she posts personal paragraphs and fashion photos, her Instagram is also filled with the self love inspiration and plenty of selfies breaking down beauty standards! I have linked each of the photo's used to Asta's blog to give her the credit she deserves.

Asta, I want to know how you decided to start blogging about your journey?

 Actually, it was more a step of self therapy I felt like I had to do. Taking pictures of myself, trying to be more and more comfortable in front of the camera and (especially)with myself. Then I discovered some Instagram profiles of wonderful women who were doing the same (more professional, of course, but still) and I thought ‘Wow – they are amazing!! I want to find myself amazing too!’

Is it the other Instagram profiles that made you choose to practice body positivity?

 To me, being positive about my own body is something very important because of my past,
where I absolutely hated my body. I treated my body as a kind of enemy, and I always felt like the universe was playing a bad joke on me for making me look like I do. But after some very unhealthy relationships, and a constant sound inside my head saying ‘I should change’ and ‘I´m not good enough’, I felt like I needed to change something, as this is the only body I will have in my life (at least in this life). It felt like I'd wasted all this time and energy on hating my body instead of being friends with it, treating it well, giving it some love.

 Did making the decision to change the view of yourself, prompt you to begin to promote self love, if not, what did?

 I just knew way too many people who hated their body as much as I did, and I got to know so many
girls that went through the exact same torture – whether it came from society, family, partners, or
their own inside – and I didn't want anyone to think that this is the way it´s supposed to be, or that
it’s ok to keep going like this. Of course, it´s still a daily struggle for me, too, but it´s important to
let others know that you’re trying hard, in hopes that they might do the same.

  Had self love always been one of your goals?

 Unfortunately, that never came to my mind until somewhere around last year. I actually
never felt like I was worth too much, or that I was ‘meant to be’ happy. I'm the kind of person who overthinks a lot of things, and it’d never occurred to me that loving myself – or at least working on it – should be something normal. At one point, I just felt so fed up of feeling not worthy that I just started trying to make myself feel good, instead.

Why do you believe self love is important?

 It´s very nice to have a supportive family, a nice partner, and great friends, but let´s be honest: The
most important person (to you)is still you. All the others come and (may even)go, and they might
treat you really good, support you, make you laugh and everything, but if you´re not okay with yourself – if you’re not able to be with yourself – it’s very hard for others to do.

Very good advice Asta, do you have any other advice for others who are looking to practice self acceptance and being body

 Just don’t care about what others say. Please. Do not care anymore! Because they are not you! They
don´t know your story and how much strength it took you to get to this point! Take your time,
watch yourself in the mirror, start with the bodyparts you like about yourself. When you feel really
good about that, take another baby step and look at another part of your body you’re not too proud
of (YET!) – take your time to take a closer look, be gentle with yourself and say positive things to
yourself. AND use the internet to check out girls just like you! There are tons of girls out there who
have the same body as you and looking at them makes you realize that you’re not the only one with
those ‘problems’ (and seeing them feeling sexy in their own skin, makes you reconsider your own
point of view).

 I'm sure some girls feel the same as me here but i find it really hard to compliment myself, what is the hardest thing for you to deal with when learning to accept yourself?

 Probably that there are people out there who will never understand your goal. There will always be
people who have to say something negative, but the more you become okay with who you are, the
less you care, and the less you want to change their minds – because in the beginning you always
feel like you should convince people of something, but some people are just stupid. Learn that!

What are your thoughts on the dieting industry?

 Well, they seem to make a lot of money out of other peoples misery. Unfortunately.

 Yes they do , so many fad diets that don't work! Has loving yourself given you any opportunities?

 Absolutely! Finally I can wear whatever I WANT! And it feels great not to apologize for who I am
anymore. That saves a lot of precious time that I’d rather spend figuring out new ways to improve

Speaking of self improvement, I used to read a lot of self improvement books on confidence etc, are there any books, inspirational beings, or articles you can suggest to others regarding self
love and acceptance?

 You should actually just start reading Plus Size Blogs / Body Positivity Blogs – there you can find
anything you need to start loving yourself! The experience of others can be a good teacher and very
inspiring too!

Yes, so many inspirational accounts on social media these days!Do you have a body positive mantra or motto?

 I´d rather be fat than stupid.

What's your favorite positive song?

 Its actually a german song by BOSSE and it´s called ‘So Oder So’ It´s not even a BODY positive song but more a positive song, in general. It´s about that whatever may or may not happen, it will be good in the end and love will find you.
(here’s a link:

lastly , if you were a superhero whose power was to spread to gift of self love, what would you
name yourself and who would you gift self love to first?

 My name would be Acceptance Asta, and I´d gift it to my mom, because she is the most amazing
person ever, but she doesn’t know it yet.

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