An interview with Stefanie Kloeck - Body Babe gifting bullies with self love
  Stefanie Kloeck, teacher in more ways than one. Class teacher and teacher of class, this wonderful woman is teaching the masses to love their curves and accept themselves the way they are. Stefanie has gained a huge following on Instagram and it's no wonder, with curves and confidence to kill for Stefanie has inspired females across the globe. I am lucky enough to have some of her time to ask her some body positivity questions and find out where it all started and how she became so confident!

Stefanie posts her outfits on her fashion blog classy curves as well as Instagram, all her photos are linked back to her Instagram so you can follow this fabulous woman!

So Stefanie, you have been blogging for a while but how did you decide to start blogging about your journey?

I decided to start blogging about my love for fashion because I wanted to share it with other females and show that you do not have to be a size zero to look cute

Exactly, cute comes at any size. Why did you choose to practice body positivity for yourself?

I did choose to practice body positivity because I think it is important to accept everyone the way they are and we only have this one life so we should enjoy it and love our bodies! they are our homes!


That's true, we only have one body and we should take care of it, love it and enjoy it as best we can! What prompted you to begin to promote self love?

I followed a lot of other plus size fashion bloggers and I wanted to be a part of this wonderful new movement. I wanted to share my thoughts with other ladies.

Did following plus size bloggers help you set goals of self love or had self love always been one of your goals?

Yes. When I was younger I was a victim of mobbing and body shaming and I was super insecure. And I always wanted to feel good in my body.

Why do you believe self love is important?

Because self love is where it all begins. We have to love ourselves to allow others to love us. Self love is also very important for our confidence.


Do you have any advice from others who are looking to practice self acceptance and being body positive?

Don't worry what others say about you and practice in little steps - like going to a beach in a swimsuit and then a two piece! Book a photo shooting!

Dealing with other peoples comments is something I find really hard, I take everything to heart. What do you find is the hardest thing to deal with when learning to accept ones self?

Negative comments and doubts. I think for me it was and is still hard sometimes when I get negative comments. But not everyone has to like you and in the end YOU are the only person that matters.

I love that, not everyone has to like you. It's true but in this day and age it's hard to forget, I'm going to make a note of that quote! Can I ask what you think of the dieting industry?

I did ALOT of diets to try to loose weight. I think the industry is not promoting what is important. A healthy lifestyle - eat healthy and stay active.


That's the best advice, a healthy diet and lifestyle will bring tons of opportunities and long term results. What about loving yourself, has that opened up any opportunities for you?

Yes - I meet a lot of interesting new people like other bloggers, I am more open and I enjoy life a lot more!

Are there any bloggers, inspirational beings you have met, or articles you can suggest to others regarding self love and acceptance?

I love Tess Muster (Holliday). She is wonderful and I love what she stands for.

I love Tess too, she's fabulous! I love her eff your beauty standards movement, do you have a body positive mantra or motto?

Don't miss having the time of your life because you are worried what others think!

It's crazy how much other peoples views and thoughts hold us back from loving ourselves and being positive! Do you have a favourite positive song?

All about that Bass - Meghan Trainer

 Ah, that's a song that has caused much controversy! Personally I love it, I think it's fab and has a great catchy beat. People need to lighten up! Lastly , if you were a superhero whose power was to spread to gift of self love, what would you name yourself and who would you gift self love too first?

My name would be Bodybabe :) lol and I would give it first to the people that put other down because most of the time these people are unhappy with themselves

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