An Interview with Miss Osiria Rose - Curve Creation on body positivity

     Missi, 24 year old Australian creating curves in our hearts, smiles and confidence with her body positivity on the regular. A confident 50's style pinup, a fiery read head with a liking to fitness this sassy siren promotes all things self love and does so with red lips as fierce as Instagram haters! A wardrobe to die for and a foot well into the pin up world, i have the opportunity to interview the fabulous Miss Osiria Rose, ask her to unravel her victory rolls full of secrets for us and see how her self acceptance and body positivity has helped her get the positive curve on her own face as well as ours.

All pictures of Missi are her own and will be linked to her Instagram to give her the credit she so rightly deserves. If you wish to follow Missi on her blog , then please click here.

Missi, you have a blog and an Instagram account dedicated to your career in pinup and your love for being curvy and self accepting.  How did you decide to start blogging about your journey?

 Basically it came out of a desire to build a support network and be accountable. I didn't really have a social circle that had an interest in health and fitness so that’s basically where it started.

Ah, so taking care of yourself physically was the catalyst, fitness and working out. Is this how you choose to practice body positivity?

 For me, I approach body positivity as a relationship. I wake up every morning and it’s something I work on with my body. I view it as a whole picture, so for me taking care of myself plays big into body positivity, though this is just me personally.  It’s about being realistic of my body, what it’s capable of and when to be kinder to it. It’s also about knowing that things like weight, stretch marks and appearances that I personally struggle with shouldn't dictate how I am towards my body and that my body is more than its flaws, it’s so much more.

Ah realizing that your body is more than its outer appearance seems really easy but in actual fact is the hardest thing of all, what prompted you to begin to promote self love?

  Frankly, I wasn't seeing much of it. The only people I could find when I started promoting self love were girls who were either already fit and healthy or were bigger babes loving their glorious curves. I found there was little I could relate to in the sense of my body shape/look/size and I put myself out there to try and hope I might help others with body love who have a similar size to me. It was also about the idea of surrounding myself with positivity. Posting self love things, even if I didn't feel it at the time helped me feel it later on in the day for example.

You talk about surrounding yourself with positivity,and promoting self love for your own body shape. Had self love for yourself always been one of your goals?

  No it hasn't. I was honestly one of those girls who just wanted to start dieting because I wanted to be skinny and I truly believed that was the only way worth being. So much has changed since then.

A lot of girls believe that being skinny is the be all and end all, are reasons like this why you believe self love is important?

Its important because we live in a society, that through the media teaches us to hate ourselves. Its all consumer based. We are being brainwashed to hate ourselves so we’ll buy products that will fill the void they created in the first place. Having self love in the world today grows a more grounded person. It lets us find who we are beyond the parts we hate. It lets us grow into amazing people capable of amazing things. We live in a world where its ‘trendy’ to hate yourself and be miserable. That’s not right, its not healthy and its not fair. Self love should be a goal for everyone.

I too believe self love should be a goal for everyone. Do you have any advice from others who are looking to practice self love and being body positive?

.Honestly, fake it til you make it. I told myself I was beautiful every morning for 12 months before I believed it. Know that what the media tells you when it comes to appearances is a lie. There are no bad bodies. We are all unique. They just want your money. Embrace the body you have. Its all yours. And be mindful of how you speak to yourself. If you wouldn't say it to a friend or a loved one, don’t say it to yourself.

When we speak to ourselves we can all be so self deprecating, sometimes it's hard to believe the nice things people say and we say about ourselves. What do you think is the hardest thing to deal with when learning to accept ones self?

   That the road to self-acceptance is an ongoing one. You don’t magically reach the end one day and love yourself and accept yourself 24/7. Its an ongoing struggle, hence my earlier analogy of a relationship. There are good and bad days. Some days its hard, but you get up the next day and try again and it might be amazing.

So just have to take the rolling with the punches, i know on my bad days i always feel too fat or feel that i can't be successful unless i diet. What do you think of the dieting industry?

 Scam scam scam scam scam! Nothing more than a feeder industry of media that tells us how we should look. Save your money and buy yourself something nice that you like, don’t invest in fads that don’t really work.

I have to agree, most diets actually make us gain weight so they then have the opportunity to sell us another dieting product. Has loving yourself opened up any opportunities for you?

 Most certainly! Its lead to pinup modelling, friend making, personal growth, weight loss, taking control of my life, etc. Self-acceptance and body love are huge keys to empowerment now days.

Are there any books, inspirational beings, or articles you can suggest to others regarding self love and acceptance?

Books not really. I suggest getting on Instagram as there are SO many amazing ladies on there who promote self love! I find them through a hash tag search.

 I'm always searching Instagram for inspiring ladies, there are so many and so many fun hash tags and mantras to follow! Do you have a body positive mantra or motto?

 Basically – my body does not define me. I am more than my appearance.

Very good quote! Now, What's your favorite positive song?

  I honestly have no idea…my music tastes are too vast lol

 lastly , if you were a superhero whose power was to spread to gift of self love, what would you name yourself and who would you gift self love too first?

Probably something quirky like Lovable Lola…and I’d gift it to one of my closest friends who I know struggles a lot with her body.

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