NYX - Matte Contour And Highlight Combo

NYX | contour and highlighter combo £10

I have recently got myself a new job , as a celebration i planned a Saturday night out with friends. Drinking vodka lemonade whilst playing a Chris Brown shot game in a pirate hat, i really thought it would be a good night but things didn't go to plan. Ended up being one of the worst nights out i have been on in a long time, so instead of moping i decided i would treat myself to something else as a well done to me. NYX has been a brand I've been interested in trying for a very long time, being a cheap skate their prices has always put me off but this time i thought what the hell, treat me sen. I purchased this highlight and contour combo, a butter lipstick and an eye shadow palette. Reviews will be coming on those also if you're interested.

I was really drawn to this product because it was matte, i have been after a really good matte contour product for a while and have not found anything to meet my expectations. I am a huge fan of highlight and i'm pretty sure you could use my face as a disco ball most days. So I've been after a matte highlighting powder for a while now too. I found this and figures, two in one? Why not!

     I have to say that i am really let down by this product, i didn't read any reviews on this before i purchased it and it's a mistake i will attempt to never recommit. I figured people rave about NYX so they must be good, didn't really do any proper research on the brand, was just expecting amazing products. This highlighter contour combo in my eyes is not even worth the £10 that i paid for it, perhaps i imagined something greater in my mind and this was a let down, either way it is still a let down. The powder is hard, crumbly and there is a lot of fall out. The contour half is a hell of a lot better than the highlighter side, it's velvety, pigmented and it's really only the fall out that is the issue. The highlighter side however is really hard, requires a lot of pressure for any product to transfer to the fingertips. When put on the face it's not visible, sort of becomes translucent and barely there.
 There's not much else to say about it to be honest, it feels like a cheap eye shadow kit, crumbly, hard, hard to pick up any pigment. I'm really disappointed in this and was looking forward to transforming my boulder face into a chiseled goddess statue.

I will continue to work with this and hopefully find a way to use the stuff up so i haven't wasted my money but if any of you know any contour kits that are fabulous, please leave your recommendations below!

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