Lee Stafford - Argon Oil hairdyer

    Un-boxing deliveries, one of the simple joys in life. You wait for your order, you know what you are getting but it's still just as exciting as opening a surprise!

    I recently ordered the Lee Stafford - Argon Oil hairdryer, it was on sale for £20 at Very and i couldn't pass it up. My previous hairdryer felt like i was drying my hair with a blow torch, the fan was broken in the back, it would overheat and turn itself off. Drying my hair took double the time it should and looked like i'd been dragged through a hedge once finished.
      A long time i have believed my hair is dry, incredibly damaged, frizzy with a gum like texture and i was overjoyed to realize that it was actually just my hairdryer. I can't believe i went so long using my previous contraption and didn't question the burns on my ears/fingers after hair washing day!

    The hairdryer comes in the box shown above, inside you get the obvious dryer with instruction booklet and two attachments. This hairdryer is apparently infused with Argon Oil, it's meant to have a range of benefits and helps to prevent moisture loss in whatever weather. Argon oil is infused into the nozzle and the grill, when the hairdryer is switched on and has an airflow over the grille, the nano particles of Argon oil will fly out and coat your hair , protecting it from damage, It's obviously invisible to the naked eye but it gives the same effect as a ceramic plated straightener.

    It has a AC 2400 wattage which makes for a very powerful blow dry for fast, sleek results. It's designed to protect your hair from the element of heat by holding an ionic generator and variable temperatures to adapt to specific hair needs for the best control possible. There are 2 speed settings and 4 temperature settings, buttons also include a cold shot. Hairdryer filter is removable for an easy clean and the length of the cord is 3 meters. The two attachments in the box ( shown above ) are a concentration nozzle which is used for controlled hair styling and sock diffuser to blow dry curly hair without frizzing or flattening. The lee Stafford curl diffusing sock is am attachment I've never seen before, made of fabric and foam, i failed to see how this could have any effect on curls.

image of sisters hair after styling using the hairdryer with sock diffuser attachment.

    I don't have curly hair myself, but my little sisters is naturally poodle like. I decided i would try it out on her hair to give you guys a thorough review. So, you attach the diffusing sock over the end of the dryer and blow dry curly hair as normal. It's important to use the dryer on a low heat, a high heat could cause damage to the fabric and ruin the finished look. It really does work well, i managed to blow dry her hair with much needed volume and each curl was beautifully defined and frizz free. I didn't use any additional products, i'm really impressed with the results and think the argon oil technology could have played a part here. 
    The sock diffuser itself is flimsy, the foam it's made from isn't very thick and i can imagine it breaking, burning or ripping if used every day. I can't imagine it having a long life span, however, i will keep you all updated and report back when it breaks!

    I tried out the hairdryer using the concentration nozzle and i have to exclaim how impressed i am! This is possibly the best hairdryer i have ever used, super powerful, not super noisy and feels like you're being blown through a wind tunnel only to come out the other end with sleek fabulous hair! I was able to wash my hair/extensions and dry them in under 30 minutes, how insane is that? Fabulous!
My hair was left voluminous, sleek, even had a shine to it and not the regular frizz my old hairdryer would bestow upon me. That's incredible for colored hair anyway, so you can imagine how pleased i am! Hairdryer isn't really loud either although it is on the heavy side, i still don't think that really matters when it delivers such amazing results.

Definatley in love with this.
 If you wish to get your own then I've put a few links below so you can try it out for yourself. Unfortunately this isn't on sale in Very anymore, in fact i can't find it anywhere on their website now. If any of you do, please let me know, i'd love to hear your thoughts on this product! 

Hairdryer links 


  1. I have this hairdryer! I've had it for a couple of years now I think and I really love it. It makes your hair so shiny and smooth and I can definitely tell a difference if I'm at a friends and use their hairdryer or whatever.
    This was a great review of it! :) xx

  2. This looks like a great product, so in love with argan oil! It does so many miracles for hair and leaves it looking so good. great post :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. This hair dryer sounds amazing and also your hair is gorgeous
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise