A big red kiss - Burberry Kisses review.

     A kiss from Burberry, from them to me! I was so excited for my mail to arrive that i counted down the days since ordering, each day hoping that my little gift of cosmetic confidence would fall through my letter box. I've never had a designer lipstick before, never had an expensive lipstick or a fashionable lip product. I've never even tried a lipstick that's above the £10 mark, so you can imagine how excited i was to receive a product like this. I usually pick up colours i like from the drugstore, whatever their brand and price. Having this tiny Burberry lipstick delivered to me was a great opportunity to try one of the leading brands in fashion and beauty, i couldn't contain my excitement when unboxing and imagined the severity of my high end cosmetic obsession if i came to love it.

 The Burberry brand originated in 1856, the core of Burberry being British designer outerwear. Trademarks of Burberry are the forever famous check, equestrian icons and the design of the 1947 trench coat, which we have all grown to appreciate and love in the spring/summer months. Burberry are known for their sleek, structured, stylish designs and have ultimately become one of the highest selling fashion brands. Every top model you can think of has probably modeled for Burberry, Kate moss started in 1999 followed by Gemma Ward and Agyness Deyn. A brand with such a high profile, reputation and following couldn't bring out a rubbish product could they? I was excited to try Burberry kisses and give my verdict. My first taste into high end fashion and beauty, is it really worth the money? They have the monopoly on outerwear but can they really conquer beauty?

    Packaging of the Burberry kisses lipstick was not a let down, smooth, sleek and mirrored casing make this product look expensive. The packaging is something that definatley will stand out from ordinary drug store lipsticks, Burberry check print lightly etched onto the reflective casing give the little high end touch that make this product stand out from the rest. Gun Metal grey and shining silver, this lipstick case could truly be a fashion accessory and one you wouldn't be ashamed to whip out at a party. It's my birthday on Sunday and i'm certain to be taking this with me, add a little touch of glam for a night i only celebrate once a year.

 Twist up the lipstick to find a beautifully etched product, again etched with the Burberry check just shows that Burberry have gone that little bit extra into designing their products. I have never had a lipstick containing a funky pattern or etching, i loved it, i loved it so much it took me a day to use the product and melt the masterpiece! I've learnt i love little touches like this, really make you feel like you are using a luxurious product that's different from your usual.

  Application was a breeze, incredibly smooth, soft and moisturizing. I can't say enough good things about this product really, pigmentation was fantastic and with one application i got around 5 hours wear. Lipstick did not stain my lips in any way, so there was no worry of having it smudge and stain my cheeks or chin. That usually happens! Creamy product with no irritation what so ever, didn't have to apply it thickly to get a colour payoff and didn't leave the lips looking or feeling dry. The product has no scent so perfectly fine to use even if you have a sensitive nose, sometimes if a lipstick is scented it makes my throat feel funny. Anybody else feel that?

Overall i am in love with this product, i am very happy that Burberry decided to send me a complimentary sample but i am equally as gutted as it means i now have a taste for high end products. My bank account will suffer! I will most probably buy the full size version of this, full size version is £22 but when you divide that by how many times you use it and how long it will last, It really works out as next to nothing, definatley a product that's worth investing in and a brand that has the lipstick creation on point. Love this stuff!


  1. Oh, it's just GORGEOUS!! I'm a sucker for packaging but I'd be sold on that shade alone. Stunning.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks