Rimmel London - Lasting Colour Rush

These 3 lip crayons i picked up on my frivolous attempt of purchasing a curling iron from the only shop open at 8pm! These were £1.99 each from B&M bargains and i didn't know what to expect as they were just hung up in clear, unlabeled plastic packaging but i still couldn't help myself from speed walking to the till with all the shades i could find! These 3 are from left to right

  • Boom Chick A Boom
  • Give me a cuddle
  • Keep on Mauving

After doing some research i believe there are 12 shades in the collection and they can be purchased from a few different places including boots and B&M bargains!. Two are nude shades and the other one is a vibrant pop of pink. They're my favorite thing to wear at the minute, i'm loving the nude shades and the pace they've climbed back up the fashion hierarchy thanks to Kylie Jenner!

  These chunky lip pencils go on very easily, they're brilliantly moisturizing, soft and buttery. The scent of them is fabulous and transports me to a cupcake shop or bakery, chocolatey and indulgent. I do have to admit i have had to stop myself from chomping on one at least once, they taste so good on the lips too which is also a bonus. The nude crayons are not that pigmented, they're sheer and they have a nice sheen to them.

Give Me a Cuddle :

Keep It Mauving :

The pink one, it's a little more pigmented than the nude ones i picked up. A bold colour which is easy to wear and super vibrant but not neon. It's a good lip colour for the self conscious lipstick lovers or the girls who are just delving into the realms of lipstick, bold, bright but not over the top. A very good starting product if you're looking to brighten up your makeup wardrobe! Super lovely and as easy to apply as the nudes, same smelling product and something i am really loving at the minute.

boom chick a boom :

   The crayon lids are made of a thick plastic which i think makes it a lot less easy to crack in your back pocket or your bag. I can't even count the number of times I've cracked a lip crayon lid and ended up throwing the crayon away because i haven't had anywhere practical to store it or take it with me on the go.

All in all, i am pleasantly surprised by these products, especially as it was a spontaneous purchase in B&M. I find them an incredibly versatile lip product, i layer them over some bold mattes to give a nice sheen, something different. I also wear them alone as a tinted balm, great on an average day when you can't be bothered with a full face and great for natural neutral makeup. I love these!

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