Topshop - Velvet lips ( Velveteen Ribbon )

I'm addicted to matte lipsticks and secretly shopping online during work hours but when you mix the two together, you end up with some purchases that twinge the violin strings of regret and make you consider a refund. I think it's safe to say that after receiving this in the post, not having swathed it properly beforehand, I will not be buying lipsticks online again.

This is the lipstick I was most excited about ( I ordered a couple from Topshop at the same time ). I'm always on the look out for a Limecrime dupe and for the past few months ' Wicked ' from their Salem collection has been on my radar. The Topshop lipstick online looked like the perfect match to wicked, I was excited to resemble a 90's grunge Drew Barrymore / Gwen Stefani and equally as gutted when it arrived and it was nothing like the colour swatch online. LESSON LEARNT. Anyway, I decided that I still did like the colour and I would proceed to test out the product.

   It doesn't rank very high in my opinion, the consistency is thick like butter cream and it comes with a doe foot applicator which Wasn't very padded and felt scratchy on the lips.  The application I was hoping for did not happen, it's an incredibly drying mixture which clings to any dry patches or dry skin that is on the lip. I would definitely use a lip scrub and intense moisturiser before wearing this.
  An even coverage is very hard with this lip product, once you have applied the product you have to be sure not to rub your lips together as the product clumps and leaves ' bald patches ' leaving the lips looking patchy (  as shown above on the top lip ). The lipstick dries very fast and is incredibly hard to remove yet at the same time stains everything it comes into contact with. The lipstick is so drying it begins to crack and crumble straight away, when it's dried it's crumblier than the arches and walls of Pompeii, don't be surprised when you're finding bits of the lipstick on your tongue and teeth. Many a time throughout the day I have found myself removing flakes of lipstick from my mouth.

I like the colour of this lipstick but I think that's the only thing I like. I will not be purchasing anymore of the Topshop Velvet lips collection, I was very disappointed with the product and I think it's one of my least favourite lipsticks that I have ever purchased!

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